Now you can try the latest versions of SUPPORTfighter

SUPPORTfighter is enhanced all the time in order to make sure that is stays one of the most effective tools in the market, when it comes to handling your companys email. Our customers feed-back is very important to us, also during the development phase, so therefore we have decided to make the different development versions public. This means that you can login in to the different versions and give us valuable feed-back. All the development versions are connected to the same back end, which means that you see all your real data and actually work in the development versions as if it was the production version. If you encounter any problems you can always sign into the production version and continue your work.

Currently we have 3 different versions that you can access:

Production version
This is the production version of SUPPORTfighter which currently are used by all our customers. This version should be free from errors and you can see all the features in the production version here.

Beta version
This is the version of SUPPORTfighter that soon will replace the current production version. The beta version is now going through final test and therefore we wery much appreciate our customers inputs if you fine any bugs. These bugs will be corrected before the beta version replaces the current production version. You can see a list of the new features in the beta version here.

Alpha version
This is the first version of SUPPORTfighter efter the application has passed the basic systems test. There can be period of times where the alpha version is taken out of service, and also you should expect that certain features does not work. You are always welcome to report any bugs, but you should not expect that these bugs will be corrected immidiately. You can see a list of the new functions in the alpha version