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This FAQ contains answers issues relating to SUPPORTfighter

What software and hardware do I need to run SUPPORTfighter?
SUPPORTfighter is a hosted solution, so all you need is a PC with Internet Explorer and access to the Internet.

How do we get the support mails into SUPPORTfighter?
There are two possibilities. You can either give SUPPORTfighter access to your mail account by providing your email address, user name and password, allowing SUPPORTfighter to access your account and download your mails.
The other possibility is to forward mails to a SUPPORTfighter account we can set up for you. That can be necessary if you use an Exchange Server.

How many users can work with SUPPORTfighter?
SUPPORTfighter is made for 1-500 users and millions of customers.

Which hours can I use SUPPORTfighter?
SUPPORTfighter is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. However, every Tuesday morning 0:00 to 2:00 CET we have our maintenance window, where the system may be inaccessible.

What is the price of SUPPORTfighter?
It depends on several factors. You can see some basic price informations here. For volume pricing contact us for detailed quotation.

I want to contact you, how can I do that?
If you want to contact the SUPPORTfighter Team, please send us an email or call us on: +45 7026 2126

Are you using POP3?
Find out here