Get started for only 72 EUR per month

SUPPORTfighter is the ultimate solution to companies with a common mailbox with a lot of incoming support mails or inquiries if you want to give your customers fast and efficient service.

The standard version of SUPPORTfighter contains a lot of user friendly features which makes it very easy for you to get started with answering your customers e-mails

If you need further licences or if you want to integrate SUPPORTfighter with informations from your customer database, you can purchase additional features in the modules shown below.

The standard version of SUPPORTfighter contains the following features:

  • 1 user license
  • 1000 mail replys per month
  • Spam filter

Price per month: 72 EUR

Extra features

Per extra license72 EUR per month.
Database integration18 EUR per month.
Dynamic FAQ *29 EUR per month.
Language module25 EUR per month.
Extended Statistics module *29 EUR per month.
Webservice integration22 EUR per month.
Form Module40 EUR per month.

* New modules - call for availability.

All prices are excluding VAT


If you have questions or like any further information about how SUPPORTfighter can improve your customer service, please do not hessitate to contact us on telephone: +45 7026 2126 or contact us