SUPPORTfighter is the ultimate support tool. Each supporter can answer five to ten times more support than supporters who use Outlook. If a member of your support staff is lost, a new employee can already answer 50% of all incoming questions the first day. 

SUPPORTfighter saves all your in and outgoing support mails so you can search through all email or see what answers your supporters have given customers.
It's very easy to get started with SUPPORTfighter. You don't need to do any integration with your systems or install any software to use SUPPORTfighter. All you need access to the Internet and a standard web browser.

Try it Free for 14 days
If you want to try SUPPORTfighter free for 14 days, send us an email and we can have you up and running in no time. All you need access to the Internet and a normal web browser, and you can leave the rest to us. And we guarantee that you will start save time and money the first day!

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    SUPPORTfighter features
    Quick Setup
  • Get started in virtually no time with the easy setup wizard which takes you step-by-step through a minimal configuration of the help desk
  • Once users are working with SUPPORTfighter, the knowledge base is being buildt automatically, saving time and making it more intuitive

    Intuitive User Interface
  • An "outlook style" design makes it easy for new users to learn how to use SUPPORTfighter
  • Easy drag and drop email handling
  • All the features you need without the look of a Boeing 737 Cockpit

    Solution Knowledge base
  • The Solutions Knowledge Base is automatically buildt while answering customers questions. Each time a question is solved, the answer can be stored in the Solutions Knowledge Base in seconds.
  • Junior reps can resolve problems they might otherwise need to get help with from a higher level, and training times for new support staff are greatly reduced
  • Support reps can instantly find solutions to end user problems

    Easy Search
  • Supporters can find and examine previously resolved requests via a fast text-based search
  • Supporters can search by name, header or body through all emails that have been received and sent
  • All emails that have been received and sent are available to the entire support team
  • When supporters leave the organization, the knowledge they accumulated over time is retained and readily accessible

    Follow-up Reminders
  • When supporters promise to get back to users, they can schedule automatic followup reminders for themselves on tasks that require their attention on a certain date or time

    Email Support
  • SUPPORTfighter automatically turns customers email messages into service requests
  • Email replies are automatically tagged so the customers answer always returns to the supporter they correspond with, even if several supporters are using the same email address.
  • Incoming emails are automatically cleaned for spam, the service is provided by SPAMfighter

    Web Interface
  • The web interface is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Supporters can access SUPPORTfighter via a browser - No need for any installation whatsoever, unless you want to integrate SUPPORTfighter with you company databases

  • Customers can attach screen shots, problem documents, faulty reports, etc. to demonstrate the issues they are having and the attachments can easily be opened in the SUPPORTfighter web interface
  • Supporters can attach files to customer emails (e.g. - a supporter can attach a price list, a quick guide or whatever information the customer needs)

    Quick Answer
  • When a supporter replies to an email, the customers name is automatically retrieved and inserted in the start of the email, "Dear xxxx", and the supporters name and greeting is automatically inserted at the end of the email.
  • The knowledge database is accessed in seconds and a logical path leads the supporter to the right answer that is automatically inserted in the email.
  • If additional text has to be added to the email, SUPPORTfighter has fully developed text editor in complete Outlook style.

  • Tag/import your premium customers and have them automatically moved to the top of the inbox
  • English spelling check

Do you want to learn more about SUPPORTfighter, then click here.

Note: Currently SUPPORTfighter can be used with Microsoft IE11