Detailed description

SUPPORTfighter, one of the markets most efficient email answering systems, that makes it possible for your company to answer thousands of emails every day in an efficient and effective way.
The concept of SUPPORTfighter is that you see all the information needed in order to answer the mail in one view so you don’t need to click around in other systems or different menus to get the necessary information. Also it should be as easy to answer a mail as it is in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. There should be no additional clicks or other complicated tick boxes that needs to be filled out before a mail can be answered and it is important that the employees can use the system right away without the need for time consuming courses.

How does it work?
SUPPORTfighter is a hosted system that is used via a browser. This means that the Supporter (your employees in the support department) can be located anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. Through an advanced front end with java script, you still have all the features that you are used to from Outlook, like drag and drop functions, double click etc..

All new mails will be seen in the destination folders you have chosen in the setup. This is usually the "Inbox", but could also be other different folders based on email addresses the mail is sent to or the emails content. As soon as a Supporter marks a mail in the Inbox, the content of the email can be seen in a preview frame. Also the email gets locked so other Supporters logged on to the system can see that this mail is in the process of being answered by another Supporter and we hereby avoid that the same email is being answered multiple times.

When an email is marked you also instantly see an information frame. This frame contains informations that are retrieved from your ERP/CRM systems. Basically SUPPORTfighter calls a URL with a parameter (usually the email address of the sender) and the result is presented in this frame. This could be all kind of relevant information needed when answering the email like mail senders account balance or subscription information. The content of this frame is 100% user defined and can combine information from several different ERP systems.

Also, when the email is marked, you instantly see all history related to the email address on the incoming mail, like:

  • Other unanswered mails from this customer
  • Previous sent mails to this customer
  • Previous correspondence about this case
  • All historical correspondence with this customer
  • Any internal comments

You now have all the necessary information required to answer the mail, so you just click on "reply" and then you are ready to send your answer. As soon as the mail is answered it is moved to the folder "answered".

Ticket number
When a mail is answered it is always the personal signature of the Supporter that is used. If you have enabled the ticket number system, the answer is tagged with a ticket number which is placed in the bottom of the mail body. This ticket number makes it possible for SUPPORTfighter to recognize the mail if the customer has additional questions and replies to the answered mail. Instead of just putting this mail in the “Inbox” folder, the mail is placed in the Supporters "personal" folder. This makes it possible to continue and finish this specific dialogue between the specific Supporter and the customer so you avoid that a new Supporter should spend time getting into the specific dialogue. Every Supporters personal folder is also available to all the other Supporters. This means that if you see that there is any unanswered dialog in a personal folder, and this Supporter is not logged on (every Supporter who are logged on has a mark), you can always see the mail, and thanks to the history information where you see all previous dialogue, you can easily answer the mail on the absent Supporters behalf.

All events in SUPPORTfighter are logged so you at all times can track all the activity on an email from it is received to it is answered. You can see which Supporters that has viewed the mail, when and who has moved the mail and when it was answered and who answered it. This gives the SUPPORTfighter users a unique tool to track the email history.

You can set up a separate signature for each language you want to support. The system automatically detect the language of the incoming email and when you answer the mail the answer could start with "Dear xxxxx" where "xxxxx" is the alias of the received email name and in the bottom it could insert "Best regards, xxxxx" where "xxxxx" is the name of the Supporter that is logged in.

Each language also supports the possibility for different "from-email-address". This means that you for example can have one “reply-email-address” when you answer in your local language and another email address when you answer in English.

Dynamic Standard Answers
Often you experience that a high percentage of the incoming support emails are the same kind of questions or problems. Maybe it is a question concerning the customers account balance or expiry of a subscription or a request for an application form. SUPPORTfighter makes it possible for you to make as many standard answers (templates) as you like. These standard answers are stored in the database in 3 levels, which helps you to find the right template. By browsing through the levels you quickly find the right template, which you insert into your email by a simple click. You can also combine several different standard answers as well as it is possible to modify the template in your email so it fit your requirement 100%.

A standard answer can also contain dynamic tags which are replaced with informations from your ERP/CRM system. If you want to make a standard answer stating the customers balance you can make a standard answer saying "Your current balance on your account is %balance%". The tag "%balance%" is then replaced with the customers balance. You can have as many tags in your standard answers as you like and this is set directly in SUPPORTfighters user interface without any customization.

A standard answer can also contain attached documents. If you have an application form in a PDF file this PDF is attached the standard answer once and for all and all you have to do when a customer ask for the form is to select the right standard answer.

All the standard answers support multiple languages and the right language is defaulted based on the language in the mail you want to reply to.

Email rules
It is possible to set up different email rules in SUPPORTfighter. Based on the content in the subject, from-email-address, to-email-address or language you can decide if the mail should be moved to a specific folder, deleted or redirected. This means that you can direct the incoming mails to different Supporters depending on the content and language so the German Supporter gets all the German mails etc.

Also the email rules make it possible for you to make auto reply, so you can send an auto reply to all incoming mails.

FAQ and Form Module The FAQ and Form module is a new module in SUPPORTfighter, that makes it possible to manage your websites form mail. Basically you make a tree that you guide the customer through on your website. This tree can be made in up to 3 levels and when the customer makes the last selection in the tree (just before the content of the mail is filled out), then a FAQ related to the selection is presented for the customer. Some times this FAQ is exactly what the customer are about to ask and unnecessary email traffic is avoided.

Beside the option to connect the FAQ module to the Form module, you also can use the FAQ module to maintain your general FAQ on your website in an easy way. You just make the questions and answers in SUPPORTfighter and instantly they are available on the website. You get detailed statistics on the usage of each FAQ which makes it easy for you to maintain the FAQ.

Both the FAQ and the Form module are available through an iFrame that is easily integrated with your website.

Statistics and Service Level The new statistics module in SUPPORTfighter gives the user a unique overview of the status in the support department. All statistics can be seen on the whole department or per user and can be exported to Excel. The following statistics is currently available:

  • Received mails
  • Answered mails
  • Average time to reply
  • Obtained Service Level (in percent)

All the above statistics can be shown in user defined granularity (hours, days, weeks, months, quarters and years)

Search module
The new search module makes it possible to search for any content in an email in the database. Also you can search for mails from a specific customer or mails with a specific content in the subject field. You can also search for all emails sent from a specific user during a predefined time interval. This is especially useful in order to make Quality Control of outgoing mails.

Technical information
Based on our customers requirement it is possible to make different integration to ERP/CRM systems. We basically make 2 different kinds of interfaces:

  • URL requests with parameters. The parameters could be email addresses, but also information like subscription numbers etc. coming from forms on the website.
  • Webservices where we upon request deliver the desired information directly from the database. Today we deliver most of the statistic through web services used for displaying information on an information screen in the support departments. Also we deliver complete mail information through web services for customers who like to have a copy of the email in their CRM system.

We also supply information in batches in XML formats. This is normally customers getting a batch file with email information every night.

All our web services are generally made individual for each customer so most information you require can be delivered through a web service.

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