SUPPORTfighter is owned, developed and maintained by NaviTech a/s.

The SUPPORTfighter story
SUPPORTfighter was founded in 2004 by the team behind Europe's leading anti spam company - SPAMfighter.

The idea behind SPAMfighter was to make the best spam filter in world and at the same time give superb customer service. SPAMfighter got popular very fast and to maintain excellent customer service, SUPPORTfighter was born. The SPAMfighter team is now down to one supporter who answers more than 200 support mails a day and still time to do a lot of other things. In addition, they can call in any person to answer support when he is sick and even though the person doesn't know anything about SPAMfighter, they are still able to answer more than 50% of all customer questions.

In December 2006 the succes with both SPAMfighter and SUPPORTfighter was so huge that it was decided to sell SUPPORTfighter to maintain the higy focus on both products. NaviTech were already reseller of SUPPORTfighter so it was a logical step for them to acquire SUPPORTfighter and continue the support and development of the product

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